I  work in acrylic-based mixed media. These paintings present a whimsical depiction of reality and often take on characteristics of folk art.

I started incorporating pottery in 2020. My work with clay also has a folksy expression, ranging from practical pieces (bowls, mugs, etc.) to small-scale sculptures. 


I fell in love with art in 2017, as both a craft and a lifeline. I didn't know how to put my thoughts to words, so they started filling my journal as messy paintings. Before too long, I found I couldn't stop. The paintings have become less messy over time, but my love for visual art had only grown to this day.

The present finds me a 21 one year old barista and college student in Birmingham, AL. And an artist. No matter how crazy everything is, art has become too much a part of myself to ever step away from. 

Thanks for checking out my work. :)

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