Group Exhibition at the Gadsden Museum of Art

Shared Beginnings, Diverse Creations will be on display at the Gadsden Museum of Art through the end of December!

Shared Beginnings, Diverse Creations is a group exhibition of paintings by myself, Sydney Marlin, and Izabella Janush-Hernandez that is being displayed alongside Abby Henderson’s solo exhibition, Amalgamations.

All four of us have been in painting classes together for the past few years, and it is beyond amazing to see all of our work beside one another’s in a museum. So many thanks to Abby Henderson for your kindness in inviting Sydney, Izabella, and myself to be a part of this! It has been an amazing experience.

Images are from the opening reception. Check out the exhibit if you get a chance, it’s beautiful! (Paintings on display are Daily Bread, Your Simple Novel, More Than Enough, and Lonesome Man)

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